Tusani kennel (SK)

Born: 5. 12. 2013
Mother: Tusani Extra Chilli
Father: Faira Arif Kamilifu
Registration number: CMKU/RR/8140/-14/13/15
Certification of breeding done: ČKRR 20. 9. 2015
Height: real 65,5 cm (measured at 63,5 cm breeding)
Weight: 37 kg
RTG: DKK A/A, DLK 0/0, OCD neg/neg
Genetic tests:
B-Locus - genotyp B/B
D-Locus - genotyp D/D
Degenerativní myelopatie (DM) - genotyp N/N
JME result - genotyp N/JME (Inheritance - autosomal recessive)
Bite: complete scissors, full dentition
Color: red wheat without white markings

A very cuddly and contact dog. Is not fond of conflicts and tries to avoid them. Has quite an explicit communication towards dogs. Likes “shaping“ training. When it comes to sport activities he is a super partner for trekking, jogging and dog frisbee. If time permits we do tracking just for fun. Loves water even if not that much for drinking as for diving. Has a strong hunting instinct. But we don‘t want to go this way yet. Time will tell.

River has neither allergies nor skin or digestive problems. Has been fed with BARF since he was little. RTG and all tests are without medical findings. To get complete information on siblings and ancestors visit the breeding station Tusani website.

What his friends say about him
Monika Tusanova, a breeder: „River is a very kind and curious puppy of a tender and even-tempered character“. Likes the company of both humans and dogs. Is up to any monkey business, is very smart and doesn’t search for conflicts. Likes contact and petting. Is perceptive, keeps eye contact, reacts well and quick when admonished. Needs kind, not hard, but consistent raising."

Simona Drizhalova, the owner of River’s sister Pearl: „We would love River even if he was not a part of our family. And he is! We fell in love with “Mr. Yellow“ already in Kosice while he was damaging a panelling of the breeder’s central heating. At the moment “Mrs. Orange“ alias Pearl the youngest of our pack was nibbling his hind leg. And she nibbles it anytime they meet. But River as the right gentleman puts it up with a stoical calmness. The thing is that he is well-behaved. An obedient “boy” with a beautiful roguish look which you can’t resist.”

Pavla Gasparkova, an occasional nanny and the second half of River‘s dog frisbee team: "River is a red-haired duck (alias a water lover) with a big heart who becomes enthusiastic about every joke. Loves to fetch. I don’t know any bigger fan among ridgebacks. That’s why he is such a good partner in dog frisbee. Thanks to his even-tempered character and great communication my 2 male dogs love him as well."