I aport with eagerness and stamina. My mistress has concluded that she doesn’t have any more spare power for other activities so she has entrusted me to her friend and an experienced trainer Pavla.
We managed two placements on the box and thus progressed among the professionals. Here, the placement is already challenging for the RR breed, but we still completed a lot of other races with full vigor and enthusiasm.
16.-17.07.2016 – Brnenske psi dny - Super Pro Toss and Fetch - Division II. – 3rd place
15.-16.07.2017 – Brnenske psi dny - DogDartbee – 1st place

Dog walking and trekking

With my mistress we love scenic strolls the most. This way we combine business with pleasure. Our ambition is not to become the fastest, but to enjoy them as much as possible.


Trainer Lenka is excited about every performance I do, not because I would be the best, but I just really enjoy the search, whatever the arrea.


I like to invent new things therefore we have set out to obedience. Due to lack of time and a lot of tasks we haven’t passed any official exams yet, but on the other hand a few unofficial ones and we took Obedience as the great combination with other sport activities as development of the shaping and positive motivation.
28.11.2015 - Unofficial obedience competetion - class starters - 2nd place
27.12.2016 - Unofficial competetion "Vánoční závod" - class starters - 3rd place
12.2.2017 - Unofficial competetion "Valentin" - class starters - 2nd place


Without any exam ambition, but with keenness and speed.

Water and swimming

My aunt Pavla says that I am a duck. I simply love water.


My mistress likes horses a lot. I get acquainted with them and already look forward to our common excursions.



28.8.2016 - E.L.S.A. coursing - 3rd place